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Hello. We’re Nicole & Chantelle – a team you can trust. We’re here to help you nurture your child in a way that’s right for you. As mums we’ve been through the transition to parenthood ourselves, so we know firsthand just how hard it can be. As trained health professionals we’ve worked with hundreds of parents from all walks of life, so we know how the right support can create a happy, healthy, thriving family. 

We are so passionate about empowering parents to believe in themselves.

We’ll guide you through this challenging, but rewarding, time with support that’s as personal and unique as you and your family. We’ll be there to answer your questions before your baby is born and we’ll be there to listen and advise after baby arrives.

We’ll share information and tools to help you get the most out of parenthood and boost the wellbeing of your whole family.

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Our Role In Your Journey

We are located in the beautiful Samford Valley and have a unique studio built for our educational workshops, mothers’ groups and one-on-one lactation or sleep consults.

Park with ease and then relax as nature surrounds you as you allow us to help you with a range of parenting advice.

Whether it is seeing us antenatally to discuss your parenting and breastfeeding journey or joining us postnatally for lactation or infant sleep support, we are here to walk beside you and help guide you towards the parenting journey that works best for you, your baby and family.

We also invite you to join us for infant and child first aid classes or be nurtured with like-minded mums in our mothers’ group.

Creating Memorable Journeys

Happy Mum #1

I highly recommend the Parenting Place. The ladies are very knowledgeable and kind. They give good practical advice without the fluff and if there is something they can’t answer they will put you in contact with someone who can. Definitely worth doing their “Next nine months” course if you’re a first time parent. Their mothers group also fosters a caring and judgement free haven for new mums to come together for company and support.


Happy Mum #2

For any new mamas or mamas to be, I strongly recommend connecting in with the amazing team at The Parenting Place. I’ve learnt through this magical place that there is nothing more powerful, yet vulnerable, supportive and understanding, and uplifting and inspiring than the strength of mummas coming together and this team are responsible for creating just that. I’m so grateful to the team and would happily share my experience with anyone wanting to know more. ❤️🥰


Happy Mum #3

These ladies are so multiskilled for all things baby (evidence based practice with different strengths between them), they're non-judgemental and extremely helpful amazing women who created the idea purely for an altruistic purpose to support new mums and facilitate connection (cause it's a freaking big adjustment for most, and confusing, and lonely!) If you are unsure please give it a go, one of the best things I've done in motherhood 👍👍


Happy Mum #4

Nicole is a wealth of knowledge and helped me immensely with my daughter at 3 months and then again at 6 months. She was warm, understanding and helped me to overcome some feeding issues all in a beautiful, relaxed environment. Thank you Nicole, I really value your suggestions and support.


Happy Mum #5

They provide a beautiful judgement free environment where you can ask questions, learn and share. The location is calm & peaceful and we were spoilt with baked treats!!! I’ve formed what I know will be lifelong friendships with the other Mums in this group... for which I’m forever grateful. The women that founded and facilitated the Parenting Place are all mums and experienced nurses who are passionate about supporting new Mums.


Happy Mum #6

Going to the parenting place mother's group was the best thing I could have done post birth. It helped me so much in those early days to have such incredible support from Nicole, Kate and Chantelle. I cannot speak highly enough of the ladies who run it, they are the most amazing, empathetic, kind, knowledgeable team, who still, even to this day stay in touch and are there at the drop of a hat if we have any questions.


Happy Mum #7

What I loved about Nicole was her ability to empathise and provide guidance based on her own personal experience. It was incredible to have someone to talk to weekly who understood my struggles and how stressful breastfeeding can be. I feel so grateful to have had Nicole’s weekly support for those first few trying months. I cannot recommend Nicole highly enough. She is knowledgeable, empathetic, caring and incredibly experienced.


Happy Mum #8

This was a very informative session and really helped me identify areas I had no idea about. Being a first time mum it’s the situation of I don’t know what I don’t know. I was able to get a number of things out of this session to start looking further in to. I would happily recommend this to any first time mothers.


Happy Mum #9

Case studies / sharing stories about what’s common in healthcare is really important for people who work outside and have little knowledge of the random things that are actually common. I thought this was great.


Happy Mum #10

I loved today’s session. I learnt a lot and am feeling more empowered around my baby’s health. Thank you being so accomodating for our family. Hopefully see you again soon!


Happy Mum #11

Fantastic session - I loved that we could do a private class, where we felt comfortable to ask questions and discuss anything in more detail if required. And thank you Nicole for the suggestions for paediatricians as well!


Happy Mum #12

Very comprehensive. It was not a lecturing and dull first aid session but highly informative with more of a parental focus, the presenters sharing the pearls of wisdom that can only come from working on the frontline of healthcare and being parents. I left feeling really comfortable with Nicole and would happily attend any other classes that I felt would be beneficial to me and Jagger.

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