Our Parenting Support Services

Speak to us today about how we can help you feel confident about what’s normal infant behaviour, applying infant and child first aid, and how to achieve the best breastfeeding journey for you and your family.

Discover how best to connect with and care for your baby in your day to day interactions or in an emergency. Get the answers to your questions about your transition to parenthood and how to include family support if you wish.

We’ve combined our professional and personal experience to guarantee you gentle and unbiased evidence based support that will meet your needs. For instance, you will receive practical and achievable advice from paediatric emergency/child health nurses and qualified lactation consultants. You will have regular contact with the same familiar faces and friendly voices.

We offer one on one private consultations as well as workshops and group sessions at our friendly and professional centre at Highvale just out of Samford, North Brisbane which will empower you with a range of parenting skills.

Check out the services we offer below to see how we are ready to support you!

Lactation Support

Private Lactation support by International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC). For instance,

Lactation one-to-one consultations
Breastfeeding group workshops

In-person and phone support

Samford Bresatfeeding Lactation Support Classes

Infant and Child First Aid

Evidence based education and skills with

Hands-on training 

Infant and Child First Aid Classes by Emergency trained educators

Paediatric First Aid Brisbane

The Next Nine Months

Learn about your baby’s transition from the womb to the outside world for instance getting breastfeeding off to a great start, understanding and enhancing your babies development, learning your babies cues, caring for your baby, what happens in infant sleep, looking after yourself and more.

Private session for a minimum of 4 people or you can join one of our public sessions

Includes handouts, hands on activities and afternoon tea / refreshments

Baby Classes Next 9 Months Samford Brisbane

Infant Sleep and Settling

One-on-One Consultations

Group Sessions

Sleep Education Workshops

Sleep Settling Baby Infant Help North Brisbane

Mothers’ Groups

Unique mothers’ groups in our relaxing studio in the Samford Valley, create new friendships, learn great skills for instance understanding sleep, looking after your physical and mental health and your babies development.

Our groups consist of 8-10 women so there is ample time to connect and express yourself

Mothers Group The Parenting Place Samford Brisbane


For ease of access, all of our workshops are listed here

Samford Parenting Workshops