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Infant & Child First Aid

Knowing what to do in an emergency situation is something all parents want to know. Book with us for small, hands-on practical courses that will empower you with all the knowledge and skills you need for when you least expect it.

Qualified Educators

We have a background in Paediatric Emergency, Intensive Care, Cardiac, Child Health and Lactation. We are trained educators, who are passionate about ensuring all parents have access to this vital knowledge and hands on training. 

Sessions are held in our private studio, with a maximum of eight and a minimum of four participants. We are happy for you to get a group of friends together at a time that is suitable to you or join one of our open sessions.  

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Baby First Aid Brisbane

Practical Hands-On Teaching

Our courses all include the use of laerdal manikins that provide real time objective feedback on your compressions, highly trained educators and content that includes cardiopulmonary resuscitation, choking, drowning, burns, fever management, fractures, rashes, poisoning, bleeding and gastroenteritis and respiratory illnesses. 

We also discuss injury prevention and how to make your home environment safe. 

First Aid Services

Samford Valley Classes

Each session runs for approximately 3 hours.

Cost is $85pp.

Please contact us to see when the next session is being held in Samford or to book your private booking.

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Spring Hill Classes

We also run sessions at Eve Health in Spring Hill, Brisbane, Queensland. Click here to see upcoming dates and information about this workshop and other workshops including The Next Nine Months.’ 

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