The Parenting Place

Read on The Parenting Place's journey as as a new mother in the beginning to why I'm passionate about helping others now.

The Parenting Place

Wow, this has been a journey. It has always been a dream of mine to create a space where parents can go, let down their guard, be vulnerable and ask for help. I didn’t want it to be clinical…I wanted it to be real, welcoming, relaxing…a place you don’t want to leave.


Being a new parent has been the hardest thing I have ever done. I love my children with every ounce of my being, but after the birth of my first child, I was lost…. I knew I was now a mother to this incredible little human being, but where was Nicole? Was she still in there? As a new parent you just keep going ( well most of the time ), the sleepless nights, the rocking back and forth, your changing body and relationship with your partner, the struggles that can happen with breastfeeding, is she gaining weight…is that the sixth wet nappy or the first…have you pooped today. It all seems so overwhelming, particularly if we feel isolated, perhaps away from family and friends.

Perhaps you wanted this baby so much that you feel ashamed to admit that you just can’t seem to cope…doesn’t this come naturally….I thought I would fall in love with my baby the moment we set eyes on each other.

Expectations of new mothers

We all have them of ourselves, of our new baby, of our partner and even of society. Sometimes they are unrealistic, sometimes they are out of  our control, sometimes they are right on tee.

I find that a lot of mothers that come to see me have this most awe inspiring capacity to intuitively know what to do and how to react with their new baby. Doubts creep in though when we are influenced by external sources such as social media, differing opinions of health professionals, even family and friends.

We are here to help new mums on their journey

My biggest passion is helping parents on their own journey, discovering what feels right for them and their family. Yes, I have read an astronomical amount of literature in this field, ranging from breastfeeding, sleep and settling, infant behaviours, co-sleeping/bed sharing, crying, perimental health. I have completed qualifications in all of these fields and have spent so many hours with new parents that I can not count them. I can share the evidence with you, I can share stories of what has and hasn’t worked for countless other families, but most importantly I can jump on your train with you, guide you and hold space for you, whilst you travel on your journey. I can not wait to take this ride with you.