The value of cultural practices when becoming a mother…

Read on for some ideas on how to celebrate the new journey that is motherhood and fatherhood. From daily rituals to ceremonies to embrace.

Culture protects the new mother

Are there any rituals that you hold close to your heart? I think there is a lot to learn from this article about how culture protects the new mother.

Ways to celebrate motherhood

I know that most women reading this post may be from a westernised, industrialised nation…and that is ok. The message I really want to share is that, yes some of the cultural rituals within the article are incredibly important, and to see such value placed on the role of a mother makes me sing with joy. We can all adapt our own practices, daily rituals, embrace and hold up the women and mothers around us…regardless of where we live. Perhaps within our close connections, we can create our own ceremonies when a woman becomes a mother….

A father’s journey into fatherhood is important too

I also want to acknowledge fathers too as their identity can change….people move from being the centre of someone’s universe, relationships and priorities change. The journey into ‘parenthood’ is life-changing and one that needs to be valued and embraced.